The OPTIMIZER is one of the best economic investments that we have made on our farm. It saved us diesel, labor, and time. With the added bonus of less soil compaction, the OPTIMIZER is a no brainer for the best complete soil tillage tool.

Stephen Maddox, Jr. - Riverdale, CA


As a manufacturer's rep for 30+ years, I have seen a lot of tillage equipment, none that have impressed me more than the OPTIMIZER. Its ability to adapt to grower needs and conditions is remarkable. Proven positive return on investment and certified reduction in emissions and dust make it truly a standout in tillage equipment.

Dave Farrand - Manufacturer Representative

The OPTIMIZER represents a real breakthrough in tillage technology and we are most impressed with its results. We are able to eliminate a minimum of five operations by using the OPTIMIZER and in some cases, six. We calculated a cost of just over $30 per acre to run the OPTIMIZER versus a cost of $70 per acre for our standard suite of tillage practices. While we have spent time researching other conservation tillage implements, the OPTIMIZER is the only one that is truly a "one-pass" implement.

Not only did we see a tremendous savings in time and fuel, but the reduction of passes eliminated a lot of dust emissions that we see with our standard practices. We have also seen an improvement in soil texture in the fields we use the OPTIMIZER in, and the stand uniformity is excellent. These factors coupled with better soil health, increased yield potential, and a reduction of particulate emissions make the OPTIMIZER an indispensable tool for our operation.

Cannon Michael, VP of Bowles Farming Company, Inc. - Los Banos, CA

We have owned the OPTIMIZER for two full seasons. In that time we have noticed a considerable decrease in fuel, downtime, labor, and additional tractor usage. We have gotten great service and support from Tillage Management, and would recommend this equipment to anyone who wants to improve their bottom line. I could not imagine farming without it ever again.

Paul Nunes - Corcoran, CA


We tried out the OPTIMIZER in 2008 and were impressed enough to purchase. After two years of operation, we understood the value it brought to our farming operation and purchased another. It has without question improved our bottom line with a better end result.

W.L. Goodman & Sons - Dos Palos, CA

For several years I contemplated the purchase of an OPTIMIZER. I penciled and calculated. I traveled to observe an OPTIMIZER in operation. I consulted with local farmers and equipment dealers. No matter what comments I received about the size or cost, the bottom line of the deal is that the OPTIMIZER increases productivity of my farm and reduces my costs.

In my first year of using the OPTIMIZER, I estimate that I saved over $50 per acre in tillage practices by eliminating a pass with the stubble disc ($19/acre), a finishing disc ($17/acre), and a tri-plane ($15/acre). There was also less soil compaction, due to fewer trips through the fields, and more moisture in furrows. Because of this I was able to use less seed per acre.

Do I think the OPTIMIZER is an asset to my operation? Absolutely. Do I still face opposition from my peers? Absolutely. However, I have been able to use the OPTIMIZER for over 5,000 acres of custom-tillage work, and without exception, wherever I've used it, the growers have realized the value of the OPTIMIZER.

ARP Family Farms - Casa Grande, AZ