Introducing NEW

Orchard Disk 1011

Orchard Disk 1011 overhead

Not just a Disk, the NEW Orchard Disk 1011 includes two rows of 28" disk blades, two rows of rotating cross-chopping blades, and your choice of finish basket or smooth roller. 

The Orchard Disk uses the same high-quality, heavy-duty, low-maintenance equipment that defines the OPTIMIZER brand.

Nothing else can produce results like this in one pass.

Pistachio Row Before

Pistachio Row Before

Pistachio Row After One Pass

Pistachio Row After One Pass


Clear cover crops, maintain level soil, and keep your berms clean with the Orchard Disk 1011. Available units have 11-ft working width. 

High quality results with only 100-120 HP.

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Existing customers: find our setup guide here (or pdf version here).