What is OPTIMIZER One Pass Tillage?  The OPTIMIZER is the only one-pass tillage system in the world that offers complete conventional tillage. We designed the OPTIMIZER to lower costs by creating a quality seedbed from the post-harvest state in just one pass. Never worry about missing your tillage deadlines again.

Why should you use one pass tillage? One pass means less fuel, less labor, less tractor and equipment maintenance, and less time required for tillage. It not only lowers costs but leads to better crop yields due to less compaction. The OPTIMIZER also creates less dust and airborne particulate matter, helping you qualify for the 2008 Farm Bill and helping you meet stricter regulations.

Optimizer 2000 runs in harvested and chopped cotton field, one pass. Setup: 28" Disks, Mid Reels, 12" Deep Shanks, Coulters, Baskets, Rollers.

What results will I get?  Operating at the optimal 5 to 7 mph, the OPTIMIZER covers 8 to 12 acres per hour. Fuel and labor are reduced by 50% or more. Soil compaction is reduced, and soil tilth is improved for long term benefits. Timely fall and spring tillage can increase yields and allow more acres to be farmed. Results of an EPA study show dust and air pollution are reduced by up to 80% and engine emissions by an upgraded high-horsepower tractor are reduced by up to 99%.

Is this right for my farm?  The OPTIMIZER comes available in two standard sizes: a folding 18-ft-wide (9-ft-wide for transport) and fixed 12-ft-wide model. Whether you have 500 acres or 50,000, the OPTIMIZER will save you time and money.

My tillage program is unique. How can one standard machine replace several implements?  Your OPTIMIZER can be customized with the best implement set for your soil.

  • You can choose from Heavy Duty or Standard wear items. 
  • Chisel depth options range from 6 - 16". For rocky soils, a hydraulic reset shank option is available.
  • Implement depths and pressure settings can be modified in the field to best fit current soil conditions.
  • Several roller combinations are available to best match more wet or dry soils.
  • Implements can be swapped out in order to use the same OPTIMIZER unit with different crops or soils.
  • A planter option is available for small-seeded crops.

I already own all the tillage equipment I need. Why change?  As farmers, we understand that sidelining your existing equipment may seem unproductive, but a look at your balance sheets will show you that the real costs come from labor, fuel, repairs, and maintenance for the multiple tractors, equipment pieces, and service trucks all used throughout the duration of your tillage program.

Not only does the OPTIMIZER cut your tillage time into a fraction of what it was, but it does it with one tractor, one man, and one machine.

How does it work? The OPTIMIZER is a complete replacement for traditional tillage methods. Combining all necessary implements into one unit leaves a finished field without the soil compaction caused by multiple passes of tractors and implements. Organic residue is mixed into the soil, the traffic pan layer is broken up, and the top soil layer is sealed for a moisture-saving finish. This leaves soil healthier, reduces dust from fine particles, and results in increased yields of up to 10% or more.

Does this qualify as conservation tillage?  Results of an EPA study show reductions of dust and pollution by 50% or more. Upgrading to a high-horsepower Tier 4 tractor reduces NOx by up to 99%. Check with your local or state air resources board for information on subsidies for tractor purchases or of sustainable equipment such as the OPTIMIZER.